Mail Order

Ordering from Danell for delivery within the UK is easy. Just enter the quantities for the various items below and select the "Order" button. An order form will be displayed for you to print out and send to Danell with your payment.

Fantasy vases Fantasy vases £9.99
Fashion flower arranger vases Fashion flower arrangers
2 x three bubble vases and 1 x four bubble vase
Fashion flower arranger vases with mirror Fashion flower arrangers with mirror
As above, with a 6" round mirror with three scroll legs
Mirror base with scroll legs
Can be used with any of the vases
Focus tiered set Focus tiered set
5 tubes. 1 each of 2" 3" 4" 5" and 6" with clear connectors
Focus set of 10 tubes Focus tubes
10 x 4" tubes with clear connectors
10 x 6" tubes with clear connectors £27.00
Hedgehog's Revenge Phonecards Mercedes Benz Phonecard £30.00
Packard Phonecard £20.00
Alpha Romeo Phonecard £15.00
Willis-ste-claire Phonecard £15.00
Floral Fantasy phonecards Red Carnation Phonecard £10.00
Orange Lily Phonecard £10.00
Apple Blossom Phonecard £10.00
Pink Lily Phonecard £10.00
Special Occasions Phonecards Valentine's Day Phonecard printed on reverse £40.00
Easter Gift Phonecard printed on reverse £20.00
Mother's Day Phonecard printed on reverse £20.00
Mother's Day Phonecard freereverse £20.00
Christmas Phonecard printed on reverse £50.00
Dinosaur Phonecards Tyrannosaurus Phonecard £7.00
Stegosaurus Phonecard £7.00

UK postage is included in the prices of the vases and is £1 in total for the phonecards.
Goods despatched by return whenever possible.
Please contact Danell for details of postage outside the UK.

Visa and Mastercard accepted, or payment by cheque.